Current Culture H20 The Under Current™ XL System 12

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The Under Current™ XL System 12

The Under Current is the worlds first re-circulating Water Culture Hydroponic System featuring our Patent Pending Sub-Current Culture™ Method. This innovative application circulates literally hundreds of gallons of solution per hour beneath plant roots.

The Under Current™ supercharges the solution with dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition. Constant, 24/7 nutrient circulation ensures that pH and EC are uniform throughout the entire system. An inline Danner Mag-Drive pump provides peripheral negative pressure by thrusting nutrients back to a return module (Epicenter). From this point the solution is drawn from module to subsequent module, evoking perpetual fluid motion.

The Under Current™ XL Includes: 8 gallon growth modules, 2"manifold, 8” offset lids with 8” Heavy Duty Net Pots, Danner Mag-Drive™ Return Pump, Alita™ Air Pump, 9” Air Diffuser Disc, Elite™ Air Stones, Air Distribution Manifold, Air Hose, In-Line Filter, Adjustable Float Valve with Reservoir Adapter Kit, Drain Valve, Chiller Adapter, Garden Hose Drain Adapter, and 1-Year Warranty.

Benefits of using the Under Current™:

  • •     Increased Nutrient Efficiency
  • •    40+ System Configurations
  • •     Expandable Modular Design
  • •    Designed to Accommodate Any H.I.D. Lighting Layout
  • •    Hand Crafted in California
  • •    Commercial Grade
  • •    Low Power Consumption
  • •    pH And EC/TDS Uniform Throughout Entire System
  • •    Conserves Water
  • •    Larger Yields with Fewer Plants
  • •    Less Frequent Nutrient Change Outs
  • •    Easily Adaptable To Dosers, Top-Off Reservoirs & Chillers
  • •    Includes Professional Quality Air & Water Pumps
  • •    Expert Grower Support

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