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BioTherm Toob J-Model for Dissolved Oxygen

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Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

BioTherm Toob J-Model for Dissolved Oxygen

Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

Dissolved Oxygen Infusion Machine

Looking to infuse dissolved oxygen but don’t want to deal with excess plumbing? The J-Model Toob system has everything you need packaged into one easy-to-install unit. Coming stock with an oxygen generator and DO Stat on board, a grower can manifold up to three Solo TOOBs in one convenient package allowing you to infuse thousands of gallons per hour. Simply plug-in and start gaining the benefits of dissolved oxygen!

Dissolving oxygen into water is normally considered to be an energy-intensive process. Until now, inefficient air blowers or bubble diffusers have been used, and the results are usually only minor increases in the oxygen level. There is no known method as efficient and economical as the TOOB. This system dissolves oxygen in water without making bubbles. The efficiency of this manner of mass transfer allows the production of stable liquid streams containing enormous amounts of dissolved oxygen that are normally only seen in laboratory conditions. Stable high levels of dissolved oxygen are achieved with the TOOB.

For example, 40-45 ppm is quite simply achieved in irrigation storage tanks. Under ambient conditions, 8 ppm is typically the maximum. The saturation correlates with the depth of the tank. Sustained high DO readings in excess of a week are obtainable in common open-top irrigation tanks. Find out why oxygen infusion as part of your irrigation plan can make a big difference to your grow operation. Increasing the amount of Dissolved Oxygen in your irrigation water allows more vigorous, crazy root growth. Roots climb out of their grow bags, resulting in increased plant growth.

Benefits of the Toob:

  • Simple and efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Connects to a locally sourced oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator
  • Economical with immediate ROI
  • Long-life – No parts replacement
  • Scalable for your irrigation needs

Benefits of Dissolved Oxygen:

  • Increased health and production
  • Reduced disease rates
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Reduced nutrient and supplement costs

How It Works

As water passes through the TOOB, it passes over hollow oxygenfilled fibers, where it undergoes the oxygen infusion process. The infusion can be controlled either manually by handheld dissolved oxygen meter or controlled automatically via a D.O. Stat (sold separately.) The oxygen can be sourced either from a store bought oxygen tank or through this o2 generator package. Once completed, the water exiting the TOOB is supersaturated with dissolved oxygen.

How Mass Transfer Fiber Works

Inside the TOOB is a proprietary “fiber module cluster,” created from mass transfer fiber. How porous is this fiber? One cubic foot of it has 7,500 square feet of surface area. This unique material has the ability to create a large interface between the water and the oxygen, resulting in an extremely efficient infusion. As the water passes through the TOOB, it passes over the hollow oxygen-filled fibers, where it undergoes the oxygen infusion process. The oxygen pressure is managed by the grower, supersaturating the water at the desired level for any growing scenario. The water exiting the TOOB is ready to use for irrigation.

Why Is There So Much Talk These Days About Oxygen?

Every grower knows that water is the lifeblood of plant production. It carries nutrients and hydrates the plant, but in order for those nutrients to be efficiently absorbed by the plant, the latest research is confirming the theory that significant amounts of oxygen must be present.
Doesn’t water already contain oxygen? The average city water and well water contain Dissolved Oxygen (DO), but at a very low level of 4-8 ppm. The use of the TOOB allows the grower to control the amount of DO and find the optimal level for the application. The DO range that research indicates is optimal for most applications is 18-25 ppm.


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