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Plants Need Nutrients Too

Plants Need Nutrients Too

At first thought, plants may seem like relatively simple organisms. We learn as children that plants need sun, water, and soil to grow tall and maintain their lively pigmentation. While this is true, there are also some additional substances required for their survival. 

Just like animals, plants need various nutrients. These nutrients help them properly germinate and grow. Of course, plants gather and absorb these nutrients from the soil which is why many growers use enriched soils to harbor their seed. However, in a world where hydroponic growth is increasing in popularity, soil isn’t always part of the equation. For this reason, it is important to know which grow room nutrients and additives are needed for healthy growth. 

The 6 Key Nutrients

Potassium. Potassium is associated with the movement of water, nutrients, and carbohydrates in plant tissue while also helping with enzyme activation. 

Magnesium. Without magnesium, chlorophyll cannot capture energy from the sun needed for growth.

Sulfur. In plants, sulfur is used in the formation of amino acids, proteins, and oils. 

Calcium. Similar to calcium’s function within our bones, it helps to provide structural support to cell walls within the plant.

Phosphorus. Found in every living plant cell, phosphorus is involved in many vital processes including energy transfer, photosynthesis, transfer of genetic characteristics, and more. 

Nitrogen. Nitrogen acts as a fuel for the plants, enabling them to synthesize amino acids, proteins, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, and enzymes. 

Although calcium, magnesium, and sulfur are technically considered secondary nutrients, the overall health of the plant hinges on their presence. Though your plants may germinate and grow, if those secondary nutrients are missing, your yield will likely experience stunted growth, browning leaves, wilting, and more. 

Nourishment Through Hydroponics

The literal meaning of hydroponics is “working water.” This method of growing plants uses solution instead of soil. Because most of the aforementioned plant nutrients are derived from soil, they must be accounted for when growing hydroponically.

Studies show that when the proper nutrients are added to the growing solution, hydroponics can yield higher quality plants, faster. In fact, if properly nourished, plants can grow up to 50 percent faster in solution than in soil while affording much more control over growing conditions. Although growing hydroponically may place more nutrient onus on the grower, yields are often much larger and healthier than with traditional growing methods. When a hydroponic environment includes proper LED hydroponic grow lighting, plants fare even better, making hydroponics a top option for growers around the world.  

Get Your Nutrients and Additives Here

At Monster Gardens, we offer all the leading nutrient brands at a very competitive price. For those new growers out there, here are some products we would recommend:


  • Age-Old Nutrients. Providing both dry and liquid blends, Age Old Nutrients delivers fantastic results. 
  • Alchemist. Alchemist is a plant supplement that helps increase strength and alleviate stress from heat, drought, and cold. 
  • Atami. Atami products are great for helping plants receive the nutrients they need while budding and blooming. 
  • BioAg Nutrients. These products are designed to naturally stimulate growth and reinforce the plant from the inside out. 
  • BioBizz Nutrients. BioBizz offers nutrients, ph regulators, stimulants, strengtheners, and more. 
  • Big Time. These solutions are designed to boost the plant’s natural stress response mechanism and improve resilience. 
  • Much More. Check out more products here


Bottom line is, your plants need nutrients. If you are seeking to start your own grow room or garden and need additional insights on how to keep your plants properly nourished, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 707-588-8844. We are your most trusted online hydroponic store.