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Proper CO2 Enrichment

Proper CO2 Enrichment

Light provides the energy for photosynthetic pigments to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into sugars and oxygen. Enriching the air with CO2 enables plants to more effectively utilize light, resulting in an increase in the light saturation point. The rate of most biological processes increases with temperature and that’s also the case with photosynthesis. However, the “optimum” temperature for photosynthesis depends on the concentration of CO2. The benefits of CO2 enrichment are greater under high light levels and at warmer temperatures. Monster Gardens recommends a temperature in the rance of 82F-87F and a PPM rance of 800-1100.

When environment, fertigation and CO2 are balanced you expect these benefits:

  • Thicker stems/stalks

  • Accelerated growth

  • Higher tolerance to pests/molds

  • Short Veg/Flower cycles

  • [Potentially] increased production