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The Benefits of Growing in Coco Coir

The Benefits of Growing in Coco Coir

Coconut coir, otherwise referred to as coco coir, has become one of the most popular growing mediums on the market today. With its ability to deliver and retain nutrients, gardeners have discovered the benefits of coco coir in growing a variety of plants and vegetables.

Coconut coir for plants is made up of brown and white fibers from the material between the shell and outer husk of a coconut. The brown fibers are strong and come from older coconuts, while the white fibers are flexible and come from younger ones. After being extracted from the coconut, the coconut coir fibers are processed, dried, and packaged for storage and sale in chips, compacted bricks, or loose material.

Along with peat moss, coco peat is one of the most frequently used growing mediums in hydroponic methods. Coco coir’s superior water retention, root propagation, and aeration properties are a great complement to hydroponic plant growth.

The benefits of coco coir don’t end there. Here are some of the others:

It’s easy to use. Working in soil, it can be challenging to identify and correct nutrient and pH levels if they are off balance. While hydroponic systems can feel a bit intimidating to beginners, coco coir helps you get the right balance of nutrients to your plants, and its water retention relieves the stress of constant watering.

It doesn’t attract pests. Pests and insects like soil because it gives them nutrients, but that can spell disaster for your plants. A major benefit of growing in coco coir is that pests aren’t attracted to it because it doesn’t offer them nutritional value. They will still be drawn to the plants themselves though, so make sure you stay on top of your pest prevention.

It offers excellent water retention and drainage. One of the greatest benefits of coco coir is that it can hold up to 10 times its weight in water, so you never have to worry if your plants have enough. Coco coir also allows water to drain better and faster.  

It has no nutritional value. It seems odd that this would be a benefit of coco coir, but it is. Gardening with soil can be tricky because it is difficult to know its nutrient content and how much your plants are getting. Coco coir is pH and nutrient neutral, removing the guesswork and improving your ability to balance the amount of pH and nutrients your plants receive.

It supports healthy root development. Coco coir’s ability to absorb and hold high amounts of nutrients and drain water lets the roots of your plant get the oxygen they need to grow big and strong.

It is reusable and eco-friendly. Coco coir is made from sustainable, recyclable materials. It is biodegradable, but it takes decades to decompose, another benefit of growing in coco coir using hydroponic methods. In addition, coco coir can be used for multiple grow cycles. Just be sure to remove any plant debris and let it dry out completely before using it again.

Coco coir is a great medium to work with if you are looking for simplicity and large plant yields. That’s why we offer a variety of high-quality coco coir products. Take a look! Then contact us today to discover the benefits of coco coir firsthand.