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The Essentials for a Perfect Indoor Growing Environment

The Essentials for a Perfect Indoor Growing Environment

First, Let’s Talk Hydroponics

When starting your growing environment, one of the most important decisions you need to make is whether you will be growing in soil or growing hydroponically. We all know the dynamics of plant growth in soil, but how is growth achieved in a hydroponic system?

Hydroponics is a process of growth that uses a mineral solution as a growing base instead of soil. Although soil is nature’s way, there are many benefits to hydroponics.

According to a publication by the University of Arizona, hydroponic greenhouses use 10 times less water, on average, than field crop. In addition, hydroponic systems are less cumbersome, taking up much less room than traditional soil-based growing environments. These advantages can prove to be significant when speaking about money savings and plant health.

Consider a Hydroponic System

With what has been mentioned, it is clear that hydroponic growth is not only remarkably efficient but cost-efficient in the long term. It also conserves valuable natural resources.

Before lugging around hundreds of pounds of soil into your grow tent or greenhouse, consider a hydroponic system. At Monster Gardens, we provide a number of affordable, top-tier options. 

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Grow Tents Are Where the Magic Happens 

Needless to say, a solid indoor growing environment is hard to create without a solid structure to house your plants. A modern grow tents or portable grow room works as well as anything.

Growing can begin almost immediately and wherever you please. Grow tents and other portable grow rooms offered by Monster Gardens take about 10 minutes to set up, are incredibly sturdy, and provide all the room necessary for a fair yield. 

Proper Grow Lighting Is Key

Through extensive research, NASA concluded that LED lights are the best single source lights for the growth of plants on both Earth and in space. As far as artificial lighting goes, LED is king.

This is certainly good news because LED grow lights have a typical rated life of up to 50,000 hours which is around 50 times more than a regular incandescent bulb. When it comes to LED grow lighting, there isn't much more that needs to be said. It’s simply the best.

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Control The Climate

From middle school Chemistry class, most of us remember that plants are low-maintenance when it comes to food. They only need carbon dioxide and water to grow and produce oxygen for the air.

Carbon dioxide is found naturally in the atmosphere, currently hovering at levels around 400 parts per million. Since carbon dioxide is essential for plant growth, it is important to have the flexibility of configuration when it comes to your indoor grow environment.

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Move The Air

Fans will be a great friend to you in your indoor growing environment. Not only do they help keep odors at bay, but they also circulate the air, mimicking a natural outdoor environment. 

Plants thrive when air is circulating and suffer when it stagnates. Proper ventilation and airflow is necessary for any grow room large or small.

Small Investments Now Pay Off

When it comes to grow tent packages, grow room packages, hydroponics systems, and other growing equipment, quality is the goal. Your yield is only as good as your environment and supplies with some technique and knowledge on the side. If you have any questions about growing equipment or processes, contact Monster Gardens at 707-588-8844. We are a trusted hydroponics store and are always happy to educate and help our fellow growers.