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The Mobius M108S | Monster Gardens Trim Demonstration

The Mobius M108S | Monster Gardens Trim Demonstration


Hey, I’m AJ and I'd like to introduce you to the Mobius trimmer M108S. So for those of you who haven't used this style trimmer before, I'll just introduce you to the basics of how it works. So your product gets fed on this end; this is your untrimmed plant material here. Inside the machine on this end, you've got a tumbler. So this cylinder and the lid and your plant material are moving through there, and that tumbler has gaps in it and underneath the tumbler are blades. So, three sets of blades on this machine. We've got a fan in here that is creating airflow, so it's pulling in air from here pushing it out that way. So that's where the vacuuming happens. So right now what we're trying to do is push this plant material through, pull it towards the blades and the flowers continue to move through the machine and then the trim is collected to the trim totes on the backside. So that's the basics of how this style trimmer works.

So now I want to talk about what makes the Mobius a little bit different. So starting from the top-down, first of all, the tumbler that we have. So our tumbler rather than being a stamped metal tumbler that has limited surface area that is accessing the blades, it's all open and it's flexible. So when you put it inside the machine we pull it under tension and you form a perfect cylinder and what that does for you is allow you to have access to all the blades very very consistently. Our goal is always for the material to spend the least amount of time possible in the trimmer so you've got the least amount of disturbance to get a nice tight trim as fast as you can and as gently as you can. So by having that perfect cylinder with lots of open surface area to access the blades, you're allowing your material to get cut quickly and precisely.

So the next thing under there is the blade system, and this is what the blade system looks like under the Mobius. There are three blade cartridges and you can see in here that you've got this rotating helical blade, and on top of that helical blade is this stationary bed knife. You'll notice that as I'm moving these around, there are no tools required to take the blades in and out of the machine, so that is a huge advantage over other trimmers that are out there. Not only does it make it easier operationally, but it means that every single time you’re trimmings you're getting a precise trim. Again, for those of you who have used other trimmers you know that when you reassemble your machine, you're constantly having to come back and readjust your blades so that you're getting a nice close cut and you may or may not achieve that if you calibrate it. These are factory calibrated so when that lid goes down you have a little bit of pressure on this blade, the helical blade is rotating through here and you can hear that you're getting that shearing action between the rotating blade and the stationary blade. So that's how you achieve a nice, close scissor cut. So it very closely resembles a hand-trimmed product. 

Okay, so let's take a look at the control panel here on the Mobius. So, other trimmers you have different tumblers that you use for wet and dry trim with the Mobius, you use the same tumbler for everything. The reason why you can do that is because we have variable speed drives on the three different motors that are in the machine. So you've got your blades and speed that you can adjust here. You've got your suction here on the vacuum, and you've got your tumbler. So if I'm going to be trimming wet, I am gonna crank that thing to the maximum and run it through. If I'm dry trimming, the product is a little lighter a little more delicate. I might turn the tumbler down, just kind of depends and I'm going to adjust the tilt angle. So that's the next thing, no rails required. We've got this adjustment right here and if we focus in on these legs here you can see I can adjust the height of the machine in real-time. So if I am seeing that I want to get a bit of a tighter trim I'm going to take that tilt angle down and that's going to have a little less gravity behind it so we can have the material spending a little bit more time in the machine getting tighter. 

We’ll head around to the back of the machine now. So finally, I'd like to highlight the separator and this is a huge differentiator between the Mobius and everything else. If you'll notice back here this is it this is the footprint of the machine. I don't have any separate trim savers here or vacuums or anything else back here this is the entire footprint of the machine and that's because the impeller fan is built-in here and the separator is on board, built-in right here. This is where your trim is collected so we call that the trim toe, and you can see that because this machine has no hoses on it. There’s no corrugated hose for your material to move through and get beat up. It's not moving through the impeller, you've got trim here that is perfectly viable for extracting for pre-rolls it's light it’s fluffy. It has not traveled a tough journey to get here, it's just gently gone around that rounded surface of the separator and landed in the trim tote. Here's your trim and then we've got the flowers that are coming out at this end. 

So those are the basics of the Mobius and what makes it stand out from other trimmers that are out there. That's how we get the throughput and the quality. You can have the best of both worlds.

So let's say that we've paused in the middle of trimming, let's say it's a lunch break or maybe we're swapping out a trim tote and we need to get fired back up again. What we're gonna do is turn the vacuum on first and that means that we're pulling the material in towards those blades before we turn on the blades and the tumbler. Okay, so you make sure that the blades and the tumbler are off and get this fired up. There you have it.