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Top 5 Trimming Tips for a Happy Harvest

Top 5 Trimming Tips for a Happy Harvest

Trimming tips

  1.  Know Your Machine:  There are many different types and styles of trimming machines available now for both wet and dry trimming needs.  Each machine is unique and some will work better or worse for you depending on technique, strains, moisture content and other subtle variables but generally, they all work.  Take your time when learning a new machine and use smaller batches of product at first.  Take careful measurements of your timed intervals and record the data as you go.  With a little patience, you’ll find just the right run time, batch size and technique for your particular machine.  Keep your machines properly lubricated with products like Clean Cuts - a hemp-oil lubricant made specifically for trimming machines.
  2. Reduce Hand Strain by Alternating Scissor Types:  Whether you’re hand trimming your whole crop or just touching up machine trimmed buds, you’ll probably have to work with scissors for quite a while during harvest season.  To reduce strain, try using a few different types of scissors.  For example, the Fiskars Comfort Grip Floral Snips use “rabbit ear” handles and do not have a spring.  By alternating between scissors with and without the spring, you use different muscles in your hands and can decrease stress and fatigue on your hands, helping to prevent repetitive motion injuries.
  3. Don’t Miss Out on Free Kief:  Trim Trays From Heavy Harvest makes sure you don’t miss out on a single resin gland.  The Trim Tray comes with a 150 micron screen and is great for all around use.  100 and 200 micron screens are also available.  100 micron screens are ideal for some sativa varieties with smaller, finer resin glands.  200 micron screens are ideal for some heavy indica varieties with larger-than-average resin glands.  Collect kief passively as you trim or gently move your dried sugar leaf over the screen to make loads of kief!
  4. Cure your Harvest Properly:  Now that all that hard work has finally paid off, protect your harvest and all it’s natural aromas with some proper storage containers like CVault.  CVault makes stainless steel curing and storage containers with tightly locking clamps and an airtight seal.  Best of all, they have an integrated holder for Boveda 2-way humidity packs to keep your product at the perfect humidity indefinitely.  
  5. Carry Your Harvest Discreetly.  Keep aromas under wraps when transporting your harvest with carbon-lined backpacks and gym bags from companies like Funk Fighter and AWOL.