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Turning Your Closet into a Grow Room

Turning Your Closet into a Grow Room

People from all walks of life who live in a variety of environments have a passion for amateur indoor growing. But not everyone has the space or resources to have a garage, bedroom, or shed devoted to practicing their craft. That leads many to ask, “Can I grow plants in a closet?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” The next logical questions include topics like, “How do you build a grow closet?” and “Can you use a grow light in a closet?” We’re going to demystify the process of establishing your growing closet.

Can I Turn My Closet into a Grow Room?

Even though a closet grow room is a great alternative for the space-challenged grower, it’s not the perfect environment for plants. Some spaces work better than others for a growing closet. Here are some considerations for a closet grow:

Electricity: Unless you are planning for a sealed room growing method, your closet grow setup will likely need to use grow lights and ventilation, requiring a lot of energy. It’s important your closet plant care include access to sufficient electricity.

Airflow: Plants need fresh air to thrive. Your closet grow room will require ventilation and/or access to fresh air through a window.

Ceiling height: You’ll need at least five to eight feet of height in your growing closet to make sure you have a gap between the top of your plants and any hanging grow lights.

Limited sunlight: A room that receives a lot of sunlight can upset the light balance in your growing closet. For growing plants like cannabis, you’ll need to ensure you can block out all natural light.

Flooring: No matter what growing method you choose, spills happen. To avoid the risk of developing mold spores, it is best to use a space without carpeted floors.

Low traffic area: To keep your growing environment as controlled as possible, choose a space in your home that doesn’t get a lot of visitors.

Quantity and size of plants: You want to make sure your plants have the room they need to thrive and promote good air circulation, so the number of plants you grow and how big they can get before you must prune will depend on your available space. If you have a 2-foot by 2-foot space, you may only be able to accommodate up to two mature plants. You also must ensure your plants don’t grow tall enough to get close to your hanging equipment.

Building Your Small Closet Grow Room Setup

Here’s what you’ll need in your growing closet:

Hanging grow lights: Hanging plant lights is essential in your growing space. Without a hanging plant light fixture, your plants may not receive the proper light and your grow will be unsuccessful. When considering how to set up grow lights, you have many options for which lights you choose. Your hanging plant lights could be HID, which provide the right type of light your grow will need but could give off too much heat if the room is not properly ventilated. Using an LED closet grow setup is a great option for rooms of all sizes. Hanging LED grow lights from your ceiling gives you the benefits of HID lights but use about half the energy and don’t give off heat. When deciding how to hang your LED grow lights, you’ll need to give them more space than you would HID lights – HID lights need about 15 to 18 inches of space from your plants, while LED need around 24. Figuring out how to hang grow lights can be one of the trickiest parts of your set up. When deciding where and how to hang a grow light, it’s best to have a beam or stud to anchor your infrastructure. You can use heavy-duty adhesive hooks to hang grow lights without drilling.

Choosing your medium: Many hobbyist growers begin with using soil as their medium for growing plants in their closet grow room. Soil is inexpensive and easy to use. Since Monster Gardens is known for carrying one of the largest inventories of hydroponic supplies in the country, we’re a bit biased towards using hydroponics to grow your plants. There are a variety of different hydroponic methods and growing media that can create less mess and be easier to utilize in a small space.

Incorporating ventilation: Plants need fresh, flowing air to thrive so it’s crucial to account for ventilation in your grow closet. Your closet grow kit should include things like oscillating fans, high output fans, and window vents. When growing cannabis, you will also have to take added measures to control odor with carbon filters.

Controlling pests: While every home has their share of creepy crawlies, the challenge is likely to get worse once you have a grow tent in your closet. You can help control pests with sticky traps and neem oil mixed with water. Use mesh filters near any ventilation ducts to keep them from getting inside.

Monitoring temperature: You’ll need a hygrometer to keep track of the temperature and relative humidity in your grow closet.

Accounting for watering and runoff: You’ll need a plan for getting water and managing water runoff when using a closet for your tent grow. You can do this with watering cans and a series of trays.

Don’t let space restrictions deter you from enjoying your love of indoor growing. With a bit of work and some creativity, you can have your very own grow closet. And Monster Gardens would love to help. It is our mission to provide the highest level of product information and customer service and to ensure we feature only the best products available. If you are wondering what equipment would be best for you or what lights to choose for your closet, or even need advice for how to hang a grow light, contact us today.