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Why Choose a Portable Grow Room?

Why Choose a Portable Grow Room?

For those with a budding interest in growing their own plants, the first question that often arises is, how do I get started? Well, when it comes to finding your footing, there are just a couple of basic things you need. The first is (at least) a small amount of working knowledge about plant growth. If you need to learn some of the basics, we have some helpful resources you can take a look at here. The second thing you will need to get started is a proper growing environment. 

At Monster Gardens, we are hydroponics experts and have come to find that an indoor environment can be just as beneficial, if not more so, for your yield than an outdoor space. An indoor grow room affords more control over growing conditions, allowing for quality and consistency. Now, for those just getting started, space isn’t always found in abundance, which is why we recommend beginning with a portable grow room. We offer many varieties of portable grow rooms and grow tents at our store that are perfect for those who want to nail it before scale it. Here are some additional portable grow room benefits to consider. 

1. Affordable

Constructing an outdoor greenhouse or renovating your home to properly accommodate your plants can be an extremely costly venture. Perhaps such an expense will be productive down the line, but new growers don’t often have the time and resources for such a project. Portable grow rooms are the perfect solution for those who want to get started quickly without investing their entire life savings in the process. You can pick yourself up a quality portable grow room for a few hundred bucks, providing your plants with a great environment to thrive in.  

2. Year-Round Growing

One of the biggest hindrances to the annual growth cycle is the change of seasons. When growing outdoors, the climate can’t be properly controlled, which means significantly fewer plants. With a portable grow room, you are able to control the temperature (especially if used indoors), insulating and ventilating the environment as needed. Using a portable grow room means you can extend the length of your growing season by upwards of three months every year. In addition, you are also able to protect your plants from animals, insects, and the harsh elements of weather. 

3. Complete Control of Light

The portable grow rooms we offer at Monster Gardens are specifically designed to control light. When closed, they are entirely lightproof. When LED grow lights are used within, the grow room walls are made to strategically reflect the light around the entire space for optimal absorption by the plants. In addition to light reflection, the inside walls can be made to intensify the light, requiring less energy for greater output. 

4. Light Weight and Portable

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of all is that portable grow rooms are, well, lightweight and portable. Whether you want to start growing outside, in your garage, or in a spare room a portable grow tend will give you the flexibility you need to grow wherever you please. Once your growing area is established, there is no hassle in relocating if that becomes necessary. 

Shop Monster Gardens. Keep Things Easy and Effective.

With the right tools and knowledge, beginners can quickly become growing experts. Our goal at Monster Gardens is to make it as easy as possible for growers with any level of experience to get the most out of each and every plant. If you have a growing need, we have a solution. Visit our store or contact us today for more information.