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Gavita Replacement Kit for 750 Watt Lamp and Reflector

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Gavita Replacement Kit for 750 Watt Lamp and Reflector

This kit includes a Gavita Pro 6/750 Watt 400 Volt EL DE Lamp and a Gavita HortiStar 600 Reflector.

The Gavita Pro Plus 750 watt EL double ended 400V lamp is one of the best 750 watt HPS lamps on the market. It is specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts. It has a connection at each end of the lamp, removing the need for a frame wire inside the lamp. The Gavita Pro Plus is for use with Gavita fixtures only. The jacket of the Gavita Pro Plus is made from quartz glass. Do not handle with bare hands - oil from your hands can damage the lamp. The Gavia Pro 750 watt lamp comes with a one year warranty if it is operated with a Gavita Pro series ballast.

This Replacement kit also includes a Gavita Hortistar 600 reflector. The Hortistar 600 creates a medium wide beam angle of about 135 degrees. This light distribution allows not only horizontal, but also vertical uniformity. In a large overlapping plan the vertical light depreciation over double the distance to the light is less than 8%, with light uniformity at optimal height over 90% on average.

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Manufacturer Part Number HGC902958
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