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Honeywell H46C 1166 Wall Mounted Humidistat

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The DEH 3000R Digital Control features a remote sensor for monitoring and control conditions in a particular location in a larger space. With an easy-to-read back-lit display and digital control of relative humidity in real time, you can set your Quest dehumidifier for precise control of conditions in your monitored area.

Honeywell H46C 1166 Wall Mounted Humidistat

The Honeywell H46C 1166 Wall-Mounted Humidistat is typically used in a ducted setup of Quest dehumidifiers. The optional humidistat is setup like a thermostat for an air conditioner—it's wired to the unit and mounted to a wall in a separate space to monitor and control the humidity. Easily wired for precise and convenient control of humidity level.

Note: This model uses a 120-volt power supply. To ensure the wiring is correct and completed to code, the manufacturer suggests having an electrician help with installation.


  • Provides automatic control of dehumidifier for air conditioning systems
  • Switch closes on rise in humidity
  • Positive ON-OFF settings permit manual operation of controlled equipment
  • Impact-resistant, molded plastic cover mounts on wall
  • Fully enclosed, dust free
  • Single pole, single throw (SPST), snap-acting switch
  • Sensing element of thin, moisture sensitive nylon ribbon provides reliable operation even when ambient temperature conditions change
  • Option to monitor and control the humidity in a space separate from the dehumidifier itself


*Designed for use on dehumidifier, not humidifier.

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SKU cc_ac_182
UPC 859029004328
Manufacturer Part Number 4020175
Distributor Part Number HGC700843, 700843