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Iluminar iLi6 LED 630W

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The Iluminar iLi6 LED is an ideal fixture for multiple indoor settings including vertical multi-rack facilities, large indoor facility with rolling benches, or medium- to large-scale hobbyists with agricultural tents. The iLi6 has 15% more micromole per-joule output than its competitors allowing you higher quality yields without sacrificing wattage to achieve their goals.

Iluminar iLi6 LED 630W

The iLi6 630W LED is available with 2.7 µmol/j efficacy. This variety in efficacies eliminates the need to change the light spectrum during the plant cycles. An ideal fixture for various indoor applications including vertical facilities, commercial indoor facilities with rolling bench layouts, or medium to large scale gardeners with agricultural tents or limited plant counts.​

iLi6 LED horticultural light ups the ante with more micromole per-joule output than its competitors allowing you to have a higher quality yield without sacrificing wattage.

All of the iLi fixtures have a 2.6-2.7 μmol/j efficacy, but in the latest design, we've eliminated the mast entirely which makes it ideal for being mounted underneath a rack or in low clearance areas where every inch counts.

With the latest technology, Iluminar has effectively increased the efficacy in order to give your plants what they need most - all in a sleek, easy-to-install fixture.

  • Spectrum Tuned: FS Grow (Full Spectrum Growth)
  • High Efficiency SMD LED Array
  • Low Profile
  • ETL
  • Warranty: 5 Years, read more at https://www.iluminarlighting.com/warranty

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