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De Lighting

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  1. DimLux Expert Series 1000w DE EL UHF Light Fixture 240v
    Special Price $449.00 Regular Price $659.95
    Out of stock
  2. Sun System 1 DE Etelligent Compatible 1000 Watt Electronic Ballast - 120/240 Volt
  3. Iluminar 1000W DE HPS Fixture 120/240v (Includes Lamp and 240v cord)
    Special Price $335.00 Regular Price $395.00
  4. Phantom 50 Series, 750W, 120V / 240V DE (Open) Lighting System
    Special Price $165.00 Regular Price $195.00
  5. Phantom 1000w, 277v Commercial DE Open Lighting System with USB Interface
  6. Phantom 50 Series 1000W, 240V Commercial DE Open Lighting System with USB Interface
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DE Lighting, or Double Ended Lighting, is a newer technology for lighting systems. These gas-filled, tubular bulbs sport wire connectors on either end of their fixtures. Snapping or sliding the thin wires into a DE fixture is uncomplicated, as the lights are unobscured by metal brackets holding a bulb into place, you’ll give your plants an even canopy of light. DE bulbs degrade far slower and are much brighter than the traditional single-ended counterpart. High-pressure sodium (HPS) lights are—due to their exceptional design—simple to house and use, without losing light quality. As it receives energy from either end, this type of light also fires faster than the average grow light. Using a DE system, from brands like Gavita Pro, will provide you with an intense light that can be easily directed toward your plants. If you’re a commercial grower that primarily uses artificial lighting, DE systems may become your new preference. Efficient, easy to assemble, and long-lasting, DE bulbs and complete systems are a grower’s dream come true.