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Thanks to all the staff, always get great customer service, low prices, and fast shipping. It's is very much appreciated. Also thank you to Steven for helping out with Grow More products. Peace.

Jason, CO

no concerns just wanted to say what a pleasure it was ordering from your company. What stood out beyond the good business practices and professionalism was the added friendly/niceness/happiness energy I felt over the phone with the people I talked too. Thanks! for the difference.


Hello chaps. Calling in from London U.K here. Joy good show with you're movies on youtube. No beating around the bushes wot wot.... Anyhoo... Ha ha we don't all speak like butlers but its all a good laugh hey ;0). Anyways you're youtube are the nuts. Finally someone telling the truth about products for the good of the people rather than corporate wankers selling everything for finance. So cheers for that from across the pond... Seen as you guy are so honest i was hoping you might be able to help me with something...." Cheers for you movies anyways.

Wil, UK

Hey guys. just wanted to tell you that i have recived my package a few days ago. and honestly i can't be happier. you guys did very very well on how you sent it. nothing got broken. also i haven't paid high tax as usual. the only issue i had with it that shipping time was a bit more then usual. but it was worth the wait. i'm really happy with this order. with prices and all. so overall i will be ordering more from you guys, you became my ofiacly place to get my set up and everything i need when it comes to gardeing. i will also recomend you guys for some of my friends no doubt. ty again for you busines. i'm impressed.

Eli, Israel

To Those of you at Monster gardens. You guys Rock. every time i have ordered anything through your web sight I have been totally amased (sp) at the speed and professionalism you folk have shown me. To all of you best wishes, and keep up the wonderful business practices as you have shown me for it is a winner with me!!

Tom, WA

great service great delivery time. Thank you very much will be ordering all my future nutrients from monster gardens

- Ethan, Ireland

I would just like to give you some positive feedback and hope you'll read this comment and take it to heart. I have recently been chatting with Scott O. at Nectar for the Gods. This guy was super informative not only about his product line but you guys as well. He referred me to your YouTube channel for some product videos and I was so excited to see companies working hand in hand and giving each other positive vibes. I suffer from seizures and a digestive disease so my wife and I are self sufficient in growing our own food and medicine, for the last many years I have shopped other suppliers online and if it wasn't for Scott I wouldn't come across you guys yet. Also I will say I was torn between the Tissue Culture kit and the TurboKlone but I am in a pinch and gotta go with what I know first but I will be back for the tissue kit I promise. Anyhow sorry for the lengthy letter but it's just nice to see positive people nowadays. It seems we get too much negative in the world today. With that being said just know you have suppliers and customers that speak highly of you guys and I hope to do business in the future.
Thanks Much

- Paul, CA

Good morning. I have been to one or two other hydroponics stores in the North Bay and got turned off by the attitude I received. Being called a rookie and having their eyes roll back in their heads while answering my questions. Monster Gardens has it down. Never talked down to. Always full of helpfull information. I applaud your skills and attitude. I will see you today for more products.
Thank you!

- Jeffrey, CA

"Your shipping department is amazing. He called to downgrade my shipping since I would receive it next day if shipped ground. Saved me some nice money there. Thank you so much. I am a loyal customer for life now."

- Scott, WA

"First order with you guys, really like the website"

- Marc, NY

"Love your site, thanks for your help"

- John, TX

"I was shopping around but what made this website stand out was the product videos. That is ultimately what made me choose these guys."

- Doug, OH

"I'm new to gardening, and I am bumping my way through it one step at a time. Well, on two occasion's, I realized at the last Minuit I realized that I needed some light equipment like yesterday. i was able to research monster gardens videos on the items that i needed, and order them by morning. On both occasions i received my order the next day, and kept me on schedule. customer service is always available and happy to assist. if you want dependability and trust worthiness, and stock on hand (not drop shiped, this is the place to shop."

- Dave, CA

"I watched the video on green planet nutrients and decided to use it. Video was great so are products."


"I was skeptical about ordering micromoles because I used to use another brand but I called in and spoke with Carlos and he convinced me it was the best choice. They arrived quickly and the light output is phenomenal. Thanks!"

– Greg, FL

"I have been using monster gardens for months now and I doubt I will shop any other online stores. I love this website and the staff is very helpful. Shipping is very fast. Great website. I have recommended it to anyone who needs hydro supplies."

– WR, MI

"The website is easy to use. The prices are great and there is a lot of selection."

- MB, AZ

"I am new to indoor gardening and I had very little knowledge on what to do. I called Monster Gardens after browsing the website and spoke with Ryan. He was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me a lot of direction. I then spoke with Heather to place my order and she was extremely helpful. I will definitely be shopping on this website more often."

–K, MI

"The pallet came totally blacked out. I freaked and thought it was going to arrive at my business with all my goodies showing. Thanks for covering my butt, I didn't even thing about of it until it was being delivered."

-St, NV

"You guys think of everything. I just thought of a test to do and I saw the same test on your youtube channel. Thanks for saving me the time!"

-Pete, OH

"I was very skeptical of shopping online for my gear. Thank you for changing that for me. I have spoken with your sales rep several times and they are informative and very nice."

-Jess, RI

"The video are soooo huge! Thank you sooo much!"

-J, NY

"Please tell Ryan THANK YOU! I was spending way too much on nutes. I'm getting more for less, and my friends are tripping because I won't let the cat out. I would not have known airflow could make such a difference. Valuline has given new life. Always learning is the garden process. Tell Ryan thank you."

-Wayne, MI

"Thank you for the comparison video. If it wasn't for you I would have purchased the wrong light for more money. Peace"


Thanks for the shirt and all of your knowledge. I'd say your above hydro, "Professional Garden Supply". Your logo is so cool. Please put me on your promotional list. I will be shopping often.


Ryan was spot on that doing my own Bountea is cheaper and fresher than buying it locally, your saving me money with ideas....I'm liking it.


It is not often I can get a team of ten working so hard to make my garden better. It's customer #4 and I wanted to say hello again. I have spoken with almost everyone there so far and I want to wish you all a personal and sincere Thank You and HAPPY HAPPY 4th of July!


No worries Monster Gardens saves the day again! Because of your low price and packaging combo, I was able to do 4x 1K's instead of 3. My garden and I our thanking you for it.

-Mike, OH

Here in Alaska we have to order everything online. I've shopped at over 10 online hydro shops and yours has so far been the best. Thank Jim for testing the ballasts and bulbs for me, before sending them. I know it takes him time to give this extra service. I promise not to use the repeat customer discount code on the next order to offset the cost of your time. Nothing has arrived broken or not working. Thank you for the expertise and professionalism.


I like shopping with you guys because you do not carry generic equipment. The last I order I placed with you was for the Gavita setup (very cool). I have had two of your lighting setups for the past year. The two previos setup I bought from a store in CO have had the ballast and two bulbs burn up.


I bought my first Ph meter, very excited, and you included the calibration solution, I forgot to order, with it. You Rock! Thanks for thinking for me =)


My ballast went out on Monday and you had a new to me on Thursday. The girls were happy and I'm impressed. I've shopped a lot online and I have never had service like that form a hydro store.


Thank you for the great price and the free throw in. Carlos knows his stuff. You have a good group over their, your company will go far.

-Beth, NY

Your packaging was BULLET PROOF and I love the all brown box's


The local place I deal with has less experienced growers than myself. It's hard to find a place that cares about its products.


Better prices with videos and a smile! Wow, looks like a good fit for me.


I made an order on Friday at 2pm and it arrived Monday at 4pm. I know shipping doesn't happen on the weekend, so these guys must have flown it themselves. No really, everything arrived perfectly packaged and safe. I will be a repeat customer.

-Z, OR