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Triminator Hybrid

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Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

Triminator Hybrid

Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

The Hybrid Trimming Machine You Have Been Waiting For

Bridging the gap from wet-trimming to dry-trimming and everything in between, Hybrid is the nexus of price and performance. Just as innovations from formula 1 racing make their way into production cars, the Triminator Hybrid has adopted key insights from Eteros technologies' Mobius Trimmer, resulting in unrivaled speed and trim quality.
The Triminator Hybrid represents the best of all worlds. Punching way above its weight class, the Hybrid delivers double the throughput as its nearest competitors yet, with a smaller price tag. With features only seen on high-end machinery, the all-in-one design, flexible bed knife, and tool-free assembly/disassembly & tandem/tridem coupling set the Hybrid apart from the rest of the pack. The Triminator Hybrid is the only continuous throughput-style trimmer on Earth to offer a stainless steel helical blade – and it comes standard. Triminator Hybrid, where price meets performance.
Moisture Level Single Machine lbs/hr Tandem Machine lbs/hr
Wet (18%) Up to 40 lbs/hr Up to 88 lbs/hr
Semi-Dry (11-18%) Up to 20 lbs/hr Up to 45 lbs/hr
Dry (9-11%) Up to 15 lbs/hr Up to 35 lbs/hr

Trims Like Scissors - Flex-Knife System

The revolutionary Flex-Knife presses against the helical blade allowing the edges to stay in constant contact for an ultra-clean cut. This design ensures flowers spend less time in the tumbler, minimizing potency loss. The Hybrid doesn’t pick favorites; it trims equally well on wet, dry, and semi-dry flower. The Flex-Knife System, like all the parts of the Triminator Hybrid, is composed of 100% plant-safe contact stainless steel.

Strain-Specific Control

Every cannabis strain demands a unique formula; that’s why we designed the Hybrid with variable speed controls that allow you to customize your trim with the touch of a button.

Low-Density Dry Flower

Reducing the vacuum suction and tumbler speed allows you to trim even the most delicate, low-density THC flower.

Dense Wet Flower

Fresh cannabis flower is denser and more resilient, which allows you to increase tumbler speed and vacuum suction for faster, tighter trimming.

Extraction-Optimized Trim

Meet the needs of your extraction team by adjusting the helical blade speed. Higher speeds yield smaller trim particles, while slower speeds result in larger hand-trim style results.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Cleaning is cumbersome and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. We make it easy with intelligent design, stainless-steel components, and tool-free disassembly. Let's break it down.

27 Seconds to Disassemble

Each component simply lifts out of the body, ready for cleaning. This works for a tandem set-up as well.

4 Parts to Remove

The precision cutting head is built with only 4 parts that need to be removed for cleaning.

0 Tools Needed

Gravity and built-in securing systems allow you to simply remove components from the machine, tool-free.

60 Seconds to Reassemble

Set your helical blade, Flex-Knife, and tumbler into the body, and you’re ready to trim! Lightning-fast assembly. No tools required.

0 Parts to Adjust

Everything is fully calibrated and ready to work.


Industry's Strongest Vacuum

A powerful 1.5 HP vacuum delivers unrivaled suction for the tightest trim in its class.

Trim and Kief Seperation

Intelligent double-bag design traps trim with the inner 200-micron nylon bag, while the outer bag collects extraction-ready kief.

100% Food Grade

Our all-stainless vacuum system keeps your cannabis trim pure and makes cleaning easy. The hose-free design ensures your trim stays clean and flows into the collection bags seamlessly.

No Adjustments

The factory-calibrated Flex-Knife system eliminates the need for user adjustments. You get a razor-sharp trim every time.

Gear Driven

The Hybrid's gear drive system eliminates squealing belts, tension adjustments, and melted components.

Optimized Trimming

With a stainless steel tumbler with ¼ in spacing, you can trim wet, dry, and semi-dry product with ease.

Food-Grade Kief Collector

The double-bag design allows trim and kief to be separated during trimming.

Tandem-Link System

Effortlessly link multiple trimmers in line to quickly increase your feed rate.

Integrated Tilt Adjustment

Faster. Slower. It’s as easy as turning a knob.

True Stainless

The Triminator Hybrid has stainless steel plant-contact components, and all plant-touching surfaces are food-grade. Stainless steel tumbler. Stainless steel helical blade. Stainless steel Flex-Knife.

Integrated Tandem Trimming

Ditch the rails. The patent-pending Tandem-Link System quickly connects multiple units for an increased feed rate and more than double the production without additional labor.

Conveyor Ready

Infeed conveyors improve trim consistency, while decreasing labor costs. Outfeed conveyors streamline your quality control process, reducing excessive material handling.

Trimmer Specifications

Wet/Dry Cabable Yes
Tumbler Material 304 Stainless Steel
Helical Blade Material 420 Stainless Steel
Bed Knife Material 716 Stainless Steel
Tumbler Diameter 5.5 in
Cutting Length 23.25 in
Overall Dimensions 22 in W x 39 in L x 42.5 in H
Overall Weight 250 lb
Helical Speed Adjustments 6 Speeds 1200-2000 RPM
Tumbler Speed Adjustments 6 Speeds 50-130 RPM
Vacuum Motor 1.5 HP
Cutter Motor 0.5 HP
Tumbler Motor 1/25 HP

* Used trimming and/or extraction machines and products cannot be returned for any reason. Any warranty issue arising on a used trimming and/or extraction product must be submitted directly to the manufacturer. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding returning unopened products. We do not guarantee the performance of trimmers, pressing devices, pruners, tumblers or extraction bags. Lack of performance WILL NOT qualify the product for a return. We do not identify the use of these machines as these are experimental products. We do not endorse any manufacturer statements or claims pertaining to trimmers, pressing devices, pruners, tumblers or extraction bags.

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