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Grow Room 101: Starting Your Hydroponic Adventure

Grow Room 101: Starting Your Hydroponic Adventure


Well, you’ve decided: this is the year that you finally build that grow room you’ve been thinking about for months. There are numerous benefits to growing plants indoors, not the least of which is the total control you have over the environment so as to get the best possible harvest. To that end, let’s discuss what you’ll need to get started on the right foot.

Choosing the Space

The first choice you have to make is also the most important; the space that you choose may undergo a lot of changes before it’s ready. A successful grow room controls light, moisture, and air. Of course, the bigger the space, the more extensive the setup, so let’s discuss the various types of grow rooms, from the portable to the permanent.

The Grow Tent

A solid grow tent package is a great way to get started on your new home growing lifestyle. Their portability means that you’re never tied down to committing a whole room to the project, while its design makes for easy containment from the elements. Grow tents come in many different sizes, and can accommodate whatever growing project you can imagine. Set up is also made easier; constructing a fully functioning grow room can take weeks, while a grow tent can be set up in as little as ten minutes. 

Converting a Room

The next option is to choose a space to convert into the grow room; you may already have an idea which room you’d like to use. Any sized room will do, and we have tools for any project. Some reminders when choosing a suitable room: 

  • Beware of growing directly on carpet. You will want to put a tarp down and should have a floor to accommodate that.
  • Your grow room will require lots of different equipment to provide lighting and air filtration. This means noise can become a factor. You may want to reconsider putting your indoor garden next to the baby’s room.
  • Is there a lot of natural light in the room? Every window will need to be covered.

It may be intimidating to have to consider all these different requirements for your grow room. To help you overcome those feelings and choose the best supplies for your needs, we offer a number of different grow room packages. These all-inclusive options contain a tent (ranging in size from 2’x2’ to 8’x8’), and systems for lighting, air filtration, and ducting. All of our products are tested and used by us, in our own grow rooms, and we stand by their quality.

Let There Be (LED) Light

The key to hydroponic growing, as with all gardening, is utilizing light to help feed your plants. It may seem counterintuitive, but natural light will actually be harder on your plants than good LED grow lights-- Luxx lighting is what we recommend. The aim of the grow room is to control the environment and give the plants the light they need on a consistent basis to maximize their growth. To achieve this, there are a few steps we suggest.

Put up Reflective Tarps

The first step to ensuring proper lighting is to cover all windows and walls with reflective sheeting. Natural weather conditions can be unpredictable, and your plants will appreciate being surrounded by strong light on a consistent rotation. 

Use the Right Light Source

We carry a number of different options for lighting, from powerful LED grow lights to commercial-grade rigs. Whatever your room or project dictates, we can accommodate with the proper lighting solution for you. Remember that every grow light has a number of essential parts, namely the bulb (which shines the light), the ballast (which regulates the power), and the hood (which directs the light onto the crop). Again, our complete grow room packages will have all of these components.

Shine When It’s Cheapest

Your grow room will be lit brightly on a regular basis, and so it is best to ensure that you’re keeping the lights on when it is most cost-effective to do so. Check with your power company to see if the cost of electricity is reduced during a certain time of day, and that’s when you should be turning on your lights. But again, some of the most important friends for any grower are good hydroponic grow lights. 

Good Air In, Bad Air Out

The next thing you’ll need to consider when making your dream grow room is air ventilation. As your plants grow, they will be eating CO2 and releasing oxygen; mixed with the heat of the lights, your grow room is bound to become quite hot and eventually CO2 dry. Proper ventilation will help regulate the climate in your room and keep your plants happy and full on-air rich with carbon dioxide. Here’s how to get started:

Invest in Climate Control Panels

Our hydroponic store carries the best in climate control equipment. To produce maximum yield you will want to regulate temperature and CO2 levels. Some of our products can be connected to your iPhone, where you can set schedules for your lights and fans, and monitor the climate in the room. 

Using Fans and Filters

Your plants need constant air circulation, and using the right fan will help. From fans fitted to the floor or wall, or ducts installed on the ceiling, getting the right air into your grow room will be easy, with solutions for any sized room you have. Of course, good air circulation isn’t just about getting CO2 in and oxygen out, but also filtering out harmful particles or foul odors from the air. We have many filter options available, including in-line filters that last twice as long and weigh twice as less and more traditional types. 

Important Reminders:

Once you choose your room, your grow tent package and are excited to start your hydroponic adventure, remember that your grow room should remain as clean as possible. Not only will a clean space be easier on your filters and plants, but it will also make the grow room more pleasant to work in. Finally, be mindful of any pets or children that might wander into your special room; all equipment should be secured and kept out of reach of curious paws or hands.

Good luck on your new journey into hydroponics! We are ready to answer any questions you may have, at any point, as you watch your plants grow and flourish.