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Recharging and Rejuvenating Soil for Reuse

Recharging and Rejuvenating Soil for Reuse

Whether you’re an indoor grower reusing your soil or prepping your beds for next season, there are a number of ways to prepare your soil for reuse. Start by breaking up the soil. Then add humus, amendments and inoculants to add nutrients and life to your soil. Apply a little compost tea to kick it all off and your soil will be ready for another round of big harvests!

Break It Down

Use enzymes such as Hygrozyme or SLF-100 to digest compost and old roots. This makes the soil easier to break up and aerate. Liquid worm castings are another great source of both enzymes and beneficial microbes that can help digest organic materials in the root zone.

Humus Enrichment

Humus refers to soil organic matter that has been completely broken down into available carbon and nutrients. Sources of rich humus include Worm Castings and Ancient Earth. Earthshine Biochar from GreenGro is another outstanding source of organic soil carbon to replenish depleted soils.

Get some Mychorr in the Hizae

Mycorrhizae are crucial soil fungi that provide countless benefits to plants. They break down organic matter, solubilize nutrients, extend the plant’s root system, defend against pathogens and store water for times of drought. Inoculate your root zone with granular mycorrhizae when amending or during transplanting by sprinkling the granules over the roots and into the planting hole. You can also use soluble ultrafine mycorrhizae to water the inoculant into your root zone anytime.

Preventative Soil Treatment

If you have concerns regarding pests, incorporate some Neem Seed Meal into your soil. Neem Seed Meal is a great source of slow-release nitrogen to help prepare your soil for the next crop. Studies have also indicated that Neem Seed Meal can actually increase mycorrhizal populations on the roots, which enhance the plant’s defences.

Nutrient Replenishment

For all-purpose nutrient enrichment, companies like GreenGro and Mr B’s offer complete blends of organic fertilizers with beneficial microbes included in the mix. For specific nutrient enhancements, we offer the entire line of Down to Earth single ingredient amendments. For best results, start with a test of your soil to detect any deficiencies. Then, incorporate your amendments evenly and be careful to not exceed the application rate. If using multiple sources of the same nutrient, use less of each one. Once fertilizers are incorporated into your soil, you can’t take it back. You can always top dress with more fertilizer later.

Tea Time

Once your soil has been turned, amended, inoculated and enriched with nutrients, it’s time to add some compost tea to get the digestion and microbial growth going. You can add worm castings, humus and amendments to your tea as well. Heavy Harvest makes small and large compost tea bags for easy brewing. Add aeration using an air pump and diffuser, and brew for at least several hours up to 24 hrs. When recharging soil, it is important to keep the soil moist but not oversaturated for ideal microbial growth.