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Fohse Aries 640W LED

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Introducing the Aries by Fohse, their first fixture offering exclusively for the home grower. They started with our A3i model - the most powerful and most efficient grow light the world has ever seen - and redesigned it to suit the specific needs of the home garden. Every Aries comes with all the setup components you need to start achieving your best harvests to date.

Fohse Aries 640W LED

Current processing time 5-7 days

High voltage option available. Please call us at (707) 588-8844 for more information.

640W, 3-spectrum Home Grow LED Grow Light

You Asked, Fohse Delivered

The demand among the home grow community for Fohse fixtures has been tremendous. Fohse now offers a powerful and efficient solution to all those who grow on their own. The A3i, the most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen, has been re-imagined for the home grow as The Aries

PPE & Grow Light Efficiency

You’ll notice Fohse posts the efficacy performance of the Aries as a range. These figures represent the top and bottom ends of how well your Aries unit will convert electricity to usable photons. LEDs tend to operate more efficiently when operating below maximum output. The lowest PPE figure is representative of running the Aries at full power in the ‘Spring’ spectrum, while the highest figure is representative of running the Aries at 50% output in the ‘Autumn’ spectrum.

Unprecedented Canopy Penetration

Early generation LED lamps failed the cannabis industry due to low output + poor canopy penetration. The secret of the Aries' success starts with abundant PAR focused onto your canopy by polycarbonate focal lenses. Next, the Aries LED grow light deploys an advantage you won't find anywhere else—swiveling light bars to achieve maximum canopy penetration by cross illumination to neighboring grow plots.

Never Buy Another Bulb Again

Let’s be honest - bulb-style grow lights are a hazard. Burns, waste, breakage ... why subject your passion for growing to these hazards when a better option like the Aries is available? Buy right, buy once.

Bulbs Die Suddenly, LEDs Fade Away

Fohse's L90 and L70 figures come straight from the data sheets and stress-testing provided by our diode manufacturers. To put the L70 of the A3i into perspective, after switching to Fohse LED. Buy right, buy once. 110,000 hours of use the fixture’s output will have diminished to 3,360 μmol/s, which is still 68% MORE POWERFUL than a fresh-out-the-box 1000W DE HPS bulb. And just how long is 110,000 hours? If you run 12/12 cycles every day that’s 9,166 days ... 1,309 weeks ... 301 months ... 25.1 years of runtime and your system will still outperform an HPS system by almost double.

Make a Friend Out of Heat

Unlike obsolete plasma grow lights the Aries has no ‘Infrared Spike’ in its spectrum, meaning drastically less heat radiating down on your canopy.

Is Heat Harming Your Crop?

There’s no way around it: the ‘infrared spike’ with HID grow lights is damaging to your crop. While harm reduction methods do exists, you can eliminate it entirely by switching to the Aries by Fohse.


Without the IR Spike cooking your upper canopy you'll need far less cooling to compensate in order to keep your LSTs in an optimal range


A reduction in radiative heat and chilled air compensation makes for a much more even LST temperature throughout your upper to lower canopy


An even canopy LST temperature promotes more RuBisCo reactions down your canopy, leading to more instra-canopy bud development


Cannabinoids are heat-sensitive. No more destructive IR spike means more cannabinoids make it to harvest


Terpenes are also heat-sensitive compounds and degrade at higher temperatures. Enjoy some of your best terp profiles ever with the Aries!


More cannabinoids and better terpene profiles mean you'll enjoy some of your best harvest yet wit the Aries

Dust Proof, Water Tight

Your grow environment isn’t the friendliest place for sensitive electronics. That’s why the Aries can withstand the intense conditions of your grow. It’s impervious to hitchhikers (dust, mites, aphids, spores). It can even withstand full submersion in 1 meter of water.

Ingress Protection

Ingress Protection testing really puts Fohse fixtures through the ringer - sandblasting, water spray, pressure washing, submersion, etc. Rest assured your A3i is well-protected from the hazards of your grow environment.

A Full Cycle Fixture

Fohse designed the Aries with three distinct spectral modes to suit each stage of your crop’s growth cycle from vegetative, to early flower, and finishing with late flower.


  • PPF: 2,048 μmol/s (options up to)
  • PPE: 3.2-3.4 μmol/J (options up to)
  • 688 focal lenses
  • L90: 50,000 hrs
  • L70: 110,000 hrs
  • Swiveling heatsinks for custom footprints & lateral illumination
  • 7,200in² Heat-dissipating surface area
  • Passively cooled
  • Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
  • IP67 rated
  • 3 spectral distribution modes
  • Wall-mounted network control

THE FOHSE CENTRAL CONTROL Module IS REQUIRED TO OPERATE THE ARIES. One module controls up to 100 fixtures.

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