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Green Gro Nature's Pride Veg Fertilizer (6-3-3.5), 10 lb

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In ancient times, the indigenous people of the Amazonian basin utilized biochar amendments to improve their soil and provide long-lasting fertility. GreenGro Nature's Pride Veg 6-3-3.5 is an innovative powdered blend that combines premium dry amendments, microbes, biochar and mycorrhizae to create a simple-to-use formula that provides the soil nutrition necessary for healthy structure and large, bountiful blooms.

Green Gro Nature's Pride Veg Fertilizer (6-3-3.5), 10 lb

Pride Lands Veg food is a premium blend of dry amendments, microbes, biochar, and mycorrhiza. Building on our commitment to utilizing turn of the century farming methods and Native American agriculture, this fertilizer blend contains the best quality ingredients to supercharge your garden and give your plants a large head start. We highly recommend using this product in and with microbial compost teas each week. Take pride in your soil with Pride Lands Veg food.

Instructions for Use:

Before Planting:

For a ‘water only’ Veg. cycle (up to 6 weeks), mix 1 cup (8oz by volume) per 1.5 cubic feet of soil.

Top Dressing:

Throughout growing season, apply up to 1 cup Pride Lands Veg to a 4’x4’ surface area, up to once a week. Apply to damp soil and water thoroughly following application.

For Container Plants:

Apply 1 tablespoon as a top dress per gallon of media (up to 15 gallon) every 7 – 14 days.

Indoor Soil Mix:

Thoroughly mix in 2 tablespoons per gallon of media and water after planting.


Soil amending ingredients:

wood biochar


  • Glomus intraradices: 1.7 spores per gram
  • Glomus deserticola: 0.4 spores per gram
  • Glomus etunicatum: 0.4 spores per gram
  • Glomus clarum: 0.4 spores per gram

Beneficial Bacteria:

  • Bacillus subtilis: 2.0 X 108 CFUs per gram
  • Bacillus licheniformis: 9.0 X 107 CFUs per gram
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: 6.0 X 107 CFUs per gram
  • Bacillus thuringiensis: 1.0 X 106 CFUs per gram
  • Bacillus polymyxa: 4.0 X 106 CFUs per gram
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Manufacturer Part NumberFV-5010