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HydroLogic Evolution RO1000 High Flow RO System

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This system is capable of producing more than 1000 GPD or 42 gallons per hour of pure water. Remove 94%+ of all parts per million from your tap water. Can produce up to 1500 GPD at 80 PSI or with optional booster pump. Save more water by running 2:1 waste to product water ratio, or optional 1:1 ratio (included). Includes custom KDF/catalytic carbon filter for reduction of chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur and heavy metals. Simple and quick setup.

HydroLogic Evolution RO1000

Hydro-logic Evolution RO1000 achieves the highest flow rates from the most efficient RO system on the planet.


  • -1,000 Gallons Per Day (42 Gallons Per Hour)
  • -2:1 Waste to Purified Water Ratio - save more water!
  • -Lowers Parts Per Million of Total Dissolved Solids by 95%+
  • -KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-Filter
  • -Highest Flow Rates and Most Efficient System in the Industry!


  • -High-Flow Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • -(1) KDF/Catalytic carbon pre-filter
  • -(2) High-Flow Reverse Osmosis membranes
  • -Inlet pressure gauge - liquid filled
  • -Garden hose connector - 1/2"
  • -Inline shut-off valve - 3/8"
  • -6 ft. white inlet line
  • -10 ft. blue purified water line
  • -10 ft. black drain line
  • -Detailed instructions and Quick Start guide

Gallons per day to psi

-40 psi= 700 GPD
-50 psi= 900 GPD
-60 psi= 1100 GPD
-70 psi= 1300 GPD
-80 psi= 1500 GPD

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