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Quest Dual 110 Overhead Dehumidifier

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Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

Quest Dual 110 Overhead Dehumidifier

Contact us at [email protected] or (707) 588-8844 for freight quote.

The Quest Dual 110 is Quest's smallest and lightest mid-size dehumidifier. It offers great water removal with easy portability — you can even hang it overhead — at an affordable price. The Quest Dual 110 removes more water using less electricity, and will last years longer than the competition.

Triple Threat

Compact, Cost-Effective, and High Performing

MERV 8 Filtration

Captures dangerous airborne particles


Intake and exhaust kits are available

Low Amp Usage

Environmentally-friendly and good on energy

Flexible Controls

Never needs to be reset


Quest Duals require no installation

Dual Air Distribution

For optimal dry air circulation throughout spaces

Made in the USA

Built to last

Move dry, hot air throughout your greenhouse and indoor gardening space with the Quest Dual 110 Overhead Dehumidifier. This small, compact unit is affordable and removes up to 110 pints of water under standard operating (AHAM) conditions (80-F, 60%) while the onboard dehumidistat carefully monitors indoor humidity conditions.

Humidity + Moisture Control and Monitoring

Growing and tending to your business should be your utmost concern, and with the Quest 110, you can take a “hands-off” approach with the onboard dehumidistat. Designed to consistently monitor the indoor humidity, set your pre-set to one of these 3 options:
  • Drier (20-30% humidity)
  • Normal (45-55% humidity) - Recommended
  • Humid (80-90% humidity)

Gravity Drain Options

In order to properly rid your indoor growing facility of moisture, the condensate has to go. This Quest 110 dehumidifier features several gravity drain traps for efficiently whisking away condensate as it is collected via the dehumidifier. Consider one of these 4 loops for draining:
  • Standard Loop
  • Pretzel Loop
  • Floor Bend
  • PVC Trap – Recommended for ceiling installation

Ceiling & Floor Installation

No matter your spacing needs, the Quest Dual 110 has dual installation options. If there is a space constraint, the dehumidifier can easily be installed and suspended from the ceiling, offering a better opportunity to remove humidity and moisture away from the ceiling. Use two Quest mounting brackets and chains to properly install.

Of course, the unit can also be installed on the floor or ground, providing growers with easy access to the onboard dehumidistat and other controls.

Easier Moisture Removal

Humidity can happen anywhere–not just next to a floor drain. Add the Quest Universal Condensate Pump move moisture horizontally and vertically. It offers the easiest moisture removal available and mounts directly to the unit, increasing flexibility in where your dehumidifier can be installed. The pump features a low profile to fit the unit's horizontal design. It is long-lasting, unobtrusive, and provides multiple options for the location of the dehumidifier.

Additional Features:

  • Dual Air Distribution:

    Features the Quest Dual Air Distribution for optimal dry air circulation throughout spaces.
  • 365 CFMs:

    Pushes 365 CFMs of dry air throughout small greenhouses and indoor gardens.
  • Low Amp Usage:

    Low amp usage of 7.1.
  • Operation Temperature:

    Operates in temperatures between 56 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cool & Humid Conditions:

    The unit will continue to operate even when it is cool or humid outside.
  • Fan Switch:

    Features two fan switch options:
  • Fan On

    – Runs continuously
  • Fan Auto

    – Operates only while dehumidifying
  • MERV-8 Filter:

    Carefully removes particles from your indoor air with the MERV 8 filter.
  • Auto Restart:

    During a power outage, the unit will automatically resume operation.
  • Made in America:

    The Quest 205 is proudly made in America.


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