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Big Blue Ozone Generator, 12 in

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This item ships within 3-5 business days

The 12 in Big Blue is designed for big, tough jobs. 5 individually controlled bulbs. Ozone output of nearly 4000 mg per hour. Accommodates up to a 1200 cfm fan.

Big Blue Ozone Generator, 12 in

This item ships within 3-5 business days

The Big Blue UV ozone generator is an industrial unit, purpose-built to meet the unique demands of a greenhouse/grow room environment, and for decontaminating interior spaces. The Big Blue Ozone Generator has the largest UV bulb in its class. This equates to more ozone produced and more surface area for air to come in contact with the germicidal UV light. Big Blue generators are engineered to fit standard ducting from 4 in to 12 in (depending on the model).

The 12 in Big Blue is designed for big, tough jobs. 5 individually controlled bulbs. Ozone output of nearly 4000 mg per hour. Accommodates up to a 1200 cfm fan. The 5 bulb 12 in Big Blue will decontaminate a 50 ft x 40 ft x 10 ft room in one hour.

Big Blue ozone generators can easily be attached to the intake or exhaust side of an in-line fan with duct clamps. A 12 in Big Blue will connect to a 12 in in-line fan, but if you wanted to use your 12 in Big Blue with a 10 in fan you would simply incorporate a duct reducer (in this case, a 12 in x 10 in reducer). Big Blue ozone generators work perfectly with all brand of in-line fans (Can-Fan, Hurricane, etc.).

When using the Big Blue to “scrub” a room, most users find it easiest to mount the Big Blue on top of a carbon filter and fan. Plug the Big Blue to a simple timer, seal up the room, turn on your circulation fans (if you have them) and let it run overnight. The next morning make sure the Big Blue has been off for about an before you enter the room. If you smell ozone upon entering the room simply wait a little bit longer. If you have an exhaust fan setup in the room you can turn that on to reduce the wait time.

Big Blue can be used to negate the odors coming out of your exhaust ducting. After connecting the Big Blue to your duct run, set all switches to the “ON” position. Selectively turn the switches “OFF” until the odor is negated by the ozone. You don’t want to be creating too much ozone, just enough to negate the smell, so dial everything down accordingly. If you can smell a little bit of ozone at your exhaust point that’s fine, just make sure you’re exhausting into an area where people are not coming into contact with it (typically outside or into an attic).

UV lamps continue to produce ozone for up to 14 to 18 months of continuous use. After that, the light is on, but ozone levels are below optimal. Bulb replacement is easily accomplished by anyone who can change a light bulb! Simply remove the lamp from its mounting clips and separate the bulb from its socket. Reverse the order for the installation of a new bulb. No need to return the Big Blue to the manufacturer for bulb replacement. The bulb can be recycled at any facility that will take fluorescent bulbs.


  • All Big Blue units are designed to be used with an inline fan
  • Big Blue can work vertically or horizontally – the orientation does not matter
  • For best performance we suggest blowing, rather than sucking air through the Big Blue
  • Hanging eyelets are included (all models except 4 in) to allow you to hang the Big Blue
  • The stainless steel housing can be easily drilled if more mounts are needed for your application
  • All Big Blue are assembled with corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Big Blue use a proprietary germicidal far UV-C lamp that produces the most effective odor killing and antimicrobial ozone that ultraviolet technology has to offer
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Manufacturer Part NumberBB12