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Bulbs Grow & Bloom

Indoor growing is impossible without the right lighting set up. If you’re looking for a way to help your production flourish, Monster Gardens has the right bulbs and compact fluorescent tubes to help you grow and bloom. Options are nearly endless, from high wattage to wide-ranging light spectrums, we have the right light for you. If you haven’t perfected your lighting setup, or your current grow room needs assistance, here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for bulbs.

CMH / LEC Bulbs

  • Metal Halide lights that use a ceramic arc tube

  • Produce UV-B rays, mimicking the sun

  • Energy efficient

  • A natural light spectrum helps you see your plants in a natural way

  • Many models sport a built-in ballast

  • Long-lasting

DE Bulbs

  • Double Ended connectors

  • Easy to use wire connection

  • Unobscured light

  • Intense, even light source 

  • Fast firing

  • Long-lasting

Fluorescent & T5

  • Perfect for low or medium light requirements

  • Supplemental lighting 

  • Energy saving

  • Bulbs for larger fixtures

  • Use for seedlings, cuttings, and low light plants