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Monster Gardens Commercial Program

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Throughout the years, Monster Gardens has covered it all, providing a world stage for industry techniques and product reporting to growers around the world. We have been a part of creating ideas and solutions for commercial facilities in over 20 countries. The Monster Gardens product reporting team has traveled coast to coast and to over 3 continents to source the best products available for our network of growers. Because of this our retail store has become a national hub for growers of all types, from the hobbyist garden to the professional commercial operations.

Exclusive Products:

There are a number of products you will only find through us. This is because we have strong relationships with manufacturers. You will find we have unique solutions that are of a higher quality than products typically available at a price that is unbeatable. Your success is our success, and we are working to provide more value to ensure your success every day.


We ship orders in black plastic wrapping to provide security to the value of goods. We can ship directly to the garden location or to nearby freight facilities for customer pickup.

Garden Design and Commercial Solutions:

With MG you are in the best hands. We not only know each and every product intimately, but we have the right commercial solution for every hydroponic application. Our partnerships as a worldwide supplier have allowed us to work with design companies to provide our customers with lighting and environmental design solutions. Provide us with your schematics and we'll provide you with detailed recommendations, footprint diagrams, and ventilation suggestions for the garden layout. We can perform this for gardens of 20 lamp fixtures to 1500 lamp fixtures.

Account Details:

As an official Commercial Grower Account, you will receive Top Tier discounts that will allow your business to flourish. You have access to products exclusive to Monster Gardens below standard acceptable pricing levels. You will have access to our Master Garden consultants. Some accounts will qualify for a tax-exempt status.

Please contact us at (707) 588-8844 or [email protected] with any questions. Once we set up an account with you, please provide us with a wish list of products with your floor plans.