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A necessary component to any size grow room, a digital ballast allows your lights to fire up and work properly every time you switch it on. Essentially, grow light bulbs work from two powerful components: electricity and gas. The digital ballast acts as a regulator, tuned to the specific frequency necessary to keep your bulb running at its full potential. Although you won’t likely need this device for a small wattage bulb, the high intensity of your grow light equipment will need far more control. For instance, any High-Intensity Discharge, High-Pressure Sodium, and Metal-Halide bulbs always require a ballast to function properly. Growers will appreciate the advantage that a digital ballast allows them. With greater control over the voltage of each bulb, allowing a grower to regulate and fluctuate their lighting system when needed. With a turn of a dial, change the light intensity your plants are receiving to suit their needs at any given stage in growth.