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Bluelab Replacement pH Probe for Combo, Guardian and pH Controller

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The Bluelab pH Probe is used to measure the pH of a solution. The Bluelab pH Probe is easy to clean because of its bullet shaped glass bulb, fully waterproof and less fragile than all-glass electrodes because of its tough polypropylene barrel. The pH probe is gel filled (non-refillable) making it maintenance free and has a double junction reference which provides longer life!

Bluelab Replacement pH Probe for Combo, Guardian and pH Controller

Why Measure pH?

Understand the Science Behind Healthy Plants

Just like humans, all growing plants need a balanced diet of nutrients (food) in order to thrive. However, your plants will only be able to access these nutrients if the nutrient solution is within a particular pH range.
From a water chemistry perspective, pH (potential Hydrogen) plays a critical role in making nutrients soluble so that they can be absorbed by your plants. When your growing solution becomes too acidic or too alkaline, your plants won’t be able to access the nutrients they need to grow.
Get the fundamentals of growing right by regularly measuring pH to ensure that this is always within the optimal range.

Durable and Affordable Probe Technology

Accurate and Quick pH Measurements

The durable Bluelab pH Probe has been designed with longevity in mind, with a double-junction probe, polycarbonate housing and high-quality electrical components.
Created with advanced and affordable technology, you can rely on Bluelab’s pH Probe to give you accurate and fast measurements every single time.

Built for Growers

All Bluelab products are designed with growers, for growers – so you can be confident that the Bluelab pH Probe will help you carry out the essential tasks of everyday growing with ease. This fully waterproof product can even be left inside your reservoir for continual monitoring or spot checking. Designed and assembled in New Zealand from local and imported components.
hands holding bluelab probe in ph calibration packet

Bluelab PH Probe Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your pH Probe

You need to regularly clean and maintain your Bluelab pH Probe to ensure its ongoing accuracy and longevity.
Use Bluelab’s Probe Care Kit - pH, which contains everything you need to clean and care for your pH probe. Every time you clean your probe, calibrate it using Bluelab Calibration Solutions.
In addition, boost your probe’s lifespan by ensuring that its tip stays wet at all times. Use the included storage cap whenever you’re not using your probe and regularly top up the amount of KCl inside the cap.
This probe is compatible with all Bluelab products with a corresponding BNC connector, such as the Bluelab Combo Meter and Guardian Monitor Wifi.
bluelab conductivity pen screen close up

Features and Benefits:

  • Double-junction probe reduces reference contamination, extending longevity
  • Fully waterproof - not just water resistant
  • BNC connector allows use with all other compatible Bluelab and Autogrow products
  • 2 meter cable for measuring in hard-to-reach locations
  • Use the included storage cap with KCl to lengthen probe’s lifespan
  • Fast sensor response ensures quick and accurate measurements
  • Polycarbonate housing for long-lasting strength
  • Effective in solutions of 0.2 EC and above
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberPROBPH
Distributor Part NumberHGC716445, 716445