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RedRock Round Propagation Plug - 1.5 in (36/40mm), 2000 per case

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RedRock's commercial grade stone wool starter plugs are manufactured in North America for large-scale greenhouse operators, indoor farmers, hydroponic operations, CEA facilities, and more!

RedRock Round Propagation Plug - 1.5 in (36/40mm), 2000 per case

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RedRock's commercial grade stone wool starter plugs are manufactured in North America for large-scale greenhouse operators, indoor farmers, hydroponic operations, CEA facilities, and more!

It is common to find propagators moving fresh cuttings into plugs for the initial stage of development. Once rooted plants are transplanted into stone wool grow blocks and then placed on top of grow slabs to extend root zone development and access to water and nutrients. Selecting the correct substrate for your crop depends on many variables such as size, duration, density, and more.

Propagation & Nurseries

Stone wool plugs' beneficial structure and water retention properties make them exceptionally beneficial when starting seeds and rooting propagation cuttings.

Commercial Greenhouses

Among all other properties, stone wool creates a stable growth environment for crops roots, and does not spread disease, insects and weeds.

Commercial Hydroponic

The stone wool propagation plugs and their properties make them an indispensable product and an ideal medium for any hydroponics growing system.

Predictable Water Mobility

RedRock Wool ensures uniform movement of water and nutrients throughout the plug, block, or slab. Our products will wet-up and dry back with predictability so growers can steer crops further than ever before. New tooling and technology blend horizontal and vertical fibers for the most homogenous and predictable water transport to date.
  • Eliminates channeling and dry zones
  • Predictable water movement and nutrient availability
  • Water moves horizontally then vertically for full saturation

Cylindrical Plugs Offer Benefits

RedRock Wool plugs are designed for mitigation of density changes in grow media, rapid transplanting, and improved plant development rates. Plugs fit perfectly into blocks to avoid compaction and air gaps around the root zone of young clones and seedlings. Predrilled holes rather than slits better hug and support infant crops during their first stage of development. Cylindrical plugs eliminate corners for increased uniformity and less overall deviation. Growers pay a premium for high-grade Stone wool and maximum uniformity, don’t let your plugs interrupt perfection
  • Accurate and hassle-free plant placement
  • Non-taper cylindrical plug shape mitigates unwanted density changes and air gaps
  • Greater plant stability and early stage rooting

Plug Workflow

RedRock plugs are plug and play. Simple transitioning from plugs to blocks requires little more than slipping a peg into a hole. Growers benefit from reduced damage from scoring or cutting of roots during transplant and plants benefit from a perfect fit into their new home. Compressing square plugs into blocks destroys sought after uniformity and predictable water mobility. Time is wasted and the result is a less consistent crop.
  • Once roots are visible simply place RedRock plugs
  • Cylindrical plugs protect plant roots and reduce transplant shock
Commercial grade stone wool starter plugs sourced from high-grade raw material and manufactured in North America.
  • These Stone wool starter plugs are made in the USA and processed in Canada
  • Wetting agent ensures nutrients are immediately plant available
  • The high fiber density of the stone wool starter plugs makes better use of water and fertilizers while allowing dry back
  • These stone wool starter plugs are priced for commercial agriculture production
  • Sizes available for any crop


Stone wool has high moisture retention.

Nutrient Content

Stone wool has no nutrient content but will hold nutrients once treated

Oxygen Availability

97% when dry but rapidly hydrates. If allowed to drain the material allows for excellent oxygen to roots.

pH and EC

Initially has neutral pH, but can be controlled.


High. Does not decompose.

Areas of Use

Hydroponic systems ( floor and drain).


Can be sterilized and reused for couple of seasons, or shredded and used as soil conditioner.


Supports multiple crop types through all stages of growth.
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