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Harvesting: The Essential Tools

Harvesting: The Essential Tools

Towards the end of the growth cycle, you may begin to notice a slight change in plant color. Dark, bright greens may develop purple and yellow hues due to an increased consumption of nitrogen. This is a good sign that your plants are ready for harvest— perhaps the most important step in the growing process. The harvesting and post-harvesting phases are what really make the difference between good plants and great plants and include the following four steps:

  • Processing. In preparation for drying, leaves and stems must be removed from the plant as not to avoid unwanted remnants. 
  • Drying. This process takes anywhere from seven to 14 days and ensures that the plant stays fresh over time. 
  • Curing. This is a step that helps release extra moisture from the plant and maximizes its terpene profiles. 
  • Trimming and storing. How plants are trimmed and stored has a large impact on overall quality.

When it comes to harvest and post-harvest, your materials are as important as your practices and methods. As with anything, it is never a bad idea to invest a little more upfront to avoid future headache. Here are some product recommendations from your growing experts at Monster Gardens. 


Curing Racks

Curing racks maximize the space you have, enabling you to cure large amounts of plant material in a consolidated area. You can begin with a small curing rack and move your way up to large overhead flatbed racks and drying systems. Such systems can be tremendously beneficial as they save even more floor space so you can grow more plants. Browse our selection of curing racks here


Bucking Machines

These machines make an otherwise laborious and time-consuming process, quick and painless. Also known as de-stemmers, bucking machines automatically remove buds and flowers from your plants. After the plant is harvested and dried to less than 15% water weight, you can feed the plant into the machine which ‘bucks’ unwanted material into a separate compartment. Monster Gardens has a wide selection of quality bucking machines. Visit our website for more information.



Having good trimmers is crucial to a high-quality yield. Trimmers work to gently cut away the sugar leaves and stems surrounding them. Although some cultivators elect to trim immediately after harvest, most wait until after the plant has dried. Though slightly more labor-intensive the dry trimming method is generally considered the better approach. Regardless, you will need yourself a solid trimmer to get the job done. Check out our trimming products here



From humidity control packs to scales and trays, accessories are those small details that can make a big difference. For all the deeply passionate growers out there, the small things are often just as important as the large ones. Monster Gardens offers a wide range of accessories for any grow room large or small. Take a look here



When all is said and done, you will need a way to seal and store your plants to preserve freshness. A reliable vacuum sealer and strong sealing bags are imperative to your process. Make sure everything is buttoned up and battened down all the way until the end with quality storage products. You can see our selection here


Your Hydroponic Grow room Experts

Whether you are just starting a small grow room or already have a large growing environment, Monster Gardens has the products and expertise you need to grow the healthiest plants possible. We are experts in hydroponics, proper luxx lighting, grow room climate control, harvesting, and all things growing. If you have specific questions or needs for your permanent or portable grow room/grow tent, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you out.